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Working with Emily was phenomenal. Her wisdom and depth shines through her every pore. She helped me open up parts of myself that had been wounded and shut down for years. She has a beautiful way of making you feel totally understood, accepted, and supported while still leading you toward growth and a deeper understanding of yourself. And her questions! Wow! I was constantly amazed by how perfect and spot-on her questions were, which then led me to find answers to my most challenging issues from within. She is strongly intuitive. Working with her helped me heal deep wounds and open up a whole new path in life. It was a joy and an honor to work with her and I couldn't recommend her more! - J.L.

I really appreciated working with Emily who supported me with guided imagery and counseling through a challenging time. Working through grief and finding strength were the two things that kept me feeling alive through illness in my family. She is soft and attentive, her voice is mellow and comforting. She has a strong intuition in guiding people, which allowed me to find my own way through. She does not judge or lecture, just gives you an incredible amount of space and a foundation to heal in your own way and in your own time. -L.S.

“Emily has been an AWESOME mindfulness coach for me with her strong listening skills and deep understanding of my challenges, regarding making meditation a daily practice. Her profound messages helped me to embrace myself and connect with my core. I highly recommend Emily as a mindfulness coach to anyone, ready to make positive changes into their lives!" A.H.

Emily helped me figure out certain sexual challenges that I kept running into. Patterns that kept me in my head rather than allow me in my body. We did some somatic work, guided imagery, and some writing to get what I needed to get out of my system. What many people may judge or be put-off by, she stayed with me, listened, and never did I feel judged and I always felt like I could tell her how I felt which has been hard for me. She also kept in touch over the years and has put me in touch with other practitioners who have been amazing. Thanks, Emily! -M.W.

“Emily is a warm and supportive coach with a wealth of knowledge and experience. She has been instrumental in helping me start exercising regularly again after having a baby and I highly recommend her as a postpartum coach.” H.B.

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