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Building Community | Supporting Parents | Helping People Navigate Health, Sexuality, and Wellness

For many of us, the profound and critical aspects of life (sexuality, birth, food and eating, partnerships, and healing) are quite removed from us. Most of us don't have empowering sexual educations (or experiences), we don't often have dynamic role models for relationships and parenting, our relationships with food; our bodies; nature are so easily skewed through dominant paradigms, we don't see chest/breast-feeding in our daily lives, and the juggle between the Western medical world and our lived experience with birth, sex, health,

and death can often leave us a little ungrounded.


How do we move beyond these challenges and break cycles that have been circling for generations? How do we feel more empowered, confident, and connected? How can we move beyond fears, conscious and subconscious, to live more fully?


I have found that often answers/support is with community/within relationships. Sharing our stories, connecting with others, grieving and celebrating together, opening ourselves to make our network bigger and stronger. It has been so nourishing to work with people to build a sense of community and place, witness stories, and co-create intuition and purpose. Please explore counseling/coaching opportunities, classes, or reach out with any inquiries! It would be an honor to work together!

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