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                                                NBC-HWC Health Coach, Doula, Counselor, Lactation Educator, CPR Instructor,        

                                                     Guided Imagery Practitioner

                                                       Passionate about the phenomena of healing, sexuality and intimacy, and non-   

                                                         licensed and alternative modalities, I work independently as an integrative

                                                          health practitioner, postpartum doula, and intimacy coach. In order to improve

                                                          my health, explore my sexuality, break cycles, and to live more fully I have

                                                         explored many different modalities and have met many teachers who have 

                                                        inspired me.


                                                 As I began teaching sexual education, providing suicide intervention, and

                                            supporting people with their sexuality I quickly realized how honored I am to be doing this work. Continuously inspired, I make a strong effort to root my practice in social justice by offering sliding scale and free services as much as possible, as well as providing space to support other practitioners.

It has been eye-opening, core-strengthening, and profoundly meaningful to have a child. After giving birth I was stunned by the breastfeeding and postpartum challenges and frustrated by how our American culture (for the most part) doesn't value this profound experience. From a limited maternity leave to the corporatization and medicalization of pregnancy and childhood I realized that I wanted to focus and work more in this area. I was also truly inspired by the midwifery model and care that I received from Sue Baelen, Jen Madanat, and Michelle Wellborn.

If you'd like any more information about me or have any questions, please feel free to reach out! or schedule a 1:1

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