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                                             Welcome! Thank you for visiting my page. It has been such an honor to be in various   

                                                 roles that feel deeply joyful to me. I have always had a focus in working with people                                                       one-on-one and in groups in various healing spaces while also landing in more                                                             organizational and clinical realms. Both feed my curiosity on how to weave                                                                     together systems and narratives, interpersonally and collectively, towards a

                                                           more nurturance and partnership framework. 


                                                           Individually and in small groups I lean on my education, mentorship, and                                                                    experience with internal family systems, motivational interviewing, integrative

                                                         health, non-denominational chaplaincy work, doula and postpartum support,                                                           depth hypnosis and guided imagery, and plant medicine and integration. I have                                                     certifications in narrative medicine, birth work, lactation counseling, health 

                                            coaching, and my MA is in Integrative Health. While I am not a midwife, I strive to embody the various ways a midwife guides and hold spaces. I look towards Baba Yaga as a mythical figure and mentor who thrives in raw and non-linear spaces. 

Organizationally I have have led teams in tech-health, higher education, board development, and I am currently an Executive Director for a non-profit clinic, Healthy Living Community. With over $300,000 in grants obtained, I have worked in various development and fundraising roles, currently contracting for Snake River Ops

I ground myself and continue to learn more in areas of social justice, peer-based health initiatives, queer and feminist-based practices, partnership and nurturance culture, and circles of mutual aid. I deeply value peoples' lived experience and wisdom and wish to collectively abolish and transform racist, ableist, and trans-phobic cultures and systems. 

It has been eye-opening, core-strengthening, and profoundly meaningful to have a child. I was truly inspired by the midwifery model and care that I received from Sue Baelen, Jen Madanat, and Michelle Wellborn. I am truly inspired by my kid and his peers. Intergenerational knowledge is an area that I try to bring to life in all of my work as well as fiercely knowing we can do better for our younger generations and our ancestors. 

I so appreciate you visiting my page, and webpages are just a little snapshot. If you'd like any more information about me or have any questions, please feel free to reach out! or schedule a 1:1

You are welcomed to view my resume or LinkedIn profile for any career-based details. 

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