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SUPPORT FOR COACHES (and non-licensed practitioners)

Who are non-licensed practitioners?

Coaches, non-licensed counselors, doulas, body workers, sex workers/sexological body workers/tantra practioners, herbalists, energy workers, plant-medicine healers, astrologists, and whoever else who may have knowledge, skills, and training in a human-centric field but are not "licensed" by an agency. People may be certified (like DONA certification for doulas) but do not often have community, advisors, or others to help maintain accountability or have support in their practice.

How do you practice with integrity?

This is where community comes in. Small-scale, face-to-face community and mentorship to be able to support each other, enhance our practice, and find ways to embody the work we love to do. *This is not "how-to-make-more-money" support, but I do wholeheartedly believe that when you have integrity in your work, you don't have personal obstacles, and you begin to freely do what you love things work out financially.

I am passionate about this. I went to the California Institute of Integral Studies to complete my MA degree in Integrative Health. My MA thesis was titled: "Beyond licensure: A Mixed Methods Analysis of Non-Licensed Alternative Health Practitioners' Perspectives of Efficacy, Safety, and Accountability." I wanted to better understand how people navigate the ethical aspects of their practice from different training, schools of thought, and modalities. What I have found over and over again is that while large certifying agencies help to develop certain codes of ethics and standards, it is often a bureaucratic process (or corporate venture) that does not truly support the multidimensional needs of the client or practitioner.

So... let's get started! If you are seeking community, a place to vent, people to bounce ideas off of, support with challenging clients or situations, inspiration to deepen your practice, let's connect!

To make this as accessible as possible, all group work is on a sliding-scale basis of $10-25/meeting based on what feels comfortable for you on that day. Coaching mentorship is on a sliding scale of $40-$80/hour (skype or in-person).


This is a free-form meeting of the souls to connect, have a focused "happy-hour," and talk about our work and practice. This is especially to help folks navigate their work if there is a focus on sexuality, bodywork, touch, eroticism, or somatic processing. No one has to disclose what they do not wish to and there will be nothing recorded.


I have worked (and played) in the world of sexuality for about 10 years after I become certified to teach comprehensive sexual education in Montreal, QC. My work has gone through phases of public education and grant writing for access to reproductive rights to helping people explore BDSM/fantasy/kink and sex coaching. Taking from my experience as well as learning from mentors in the field, I want to offer a space where people can come together and talk about this profound and challenging (and fun!) work.


Every week will be a themed discussion around your coaching practice. I will be talking with everyone in the group before it begins to make sure we touch on subjects that connect to everyone. Some weeks we may discuss challenging client dynamics, coaching tools, ways to deepen client connections, developing better communication and boundaries, how to navigate the start and end of client relationships, bridging topics of sexuality and gender, and more contemplative discussions such the "role" of a coach in our culture and the role of our practice within our lives.


Let's talk! I'm curious to hear about your practice and where you are in your work. Please reach out to schedule a free 30-minute check-in to see how I might be able to help with whatever stage of your practice you are in or a challenge that might be hard to navigate.

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