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Imagine for a moment that we can collaboratively create change:

Partnering to break down older patterns, making space for the emotions

in-between, and creating narratives that feel so solid in our bones. 

Our systems our struggling but we can learn and heal while we craft new ways of doing things and as we weave new ways of being.


I offer 60-90 minute sessions, group facilitation, and bodywork to support people through significant life transitions, psychedelic integration, and holding space for the many layers of grief and joy. 

Deeply honoring peer-support spaces, accessible care, and nurturance culture, I offer sliding-scale and alternative forms of payment.

I have worked in birthing, dying, and sexuality spaces and it has been such a gift to always strive to embody midwifery approaches and lean into narrative medicine to support folks. 



I deeply believe healing happens in relationship and I have created the Baba Yaga Collective to act as a referral network, community building venue, and container for envisioning how practitioners, clients, and community members can show up and eat, learn, and share stories together. 

I absolutely love making spaces (and offering food!) where people connect with each other. Community Building feels like the hub, or the impact network, that merges my individual and leadership work. 



Working in large tech-health companies and small non-profits it has been such a wild pleasure to lead teams and manage areas such as operations, human resources, and L&D. It is possible to  lead with integrity and humanism even amidst structures that ask us to do otherwise. 

As Executive Director of a non-profit clinic and as a grant-writer and operations consultant, I support teams in change management and development. 

Let's connect! 

Please feel free to email me at or book some time here

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