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Whatever you are going through, I'd be honored to work with you. I offer various counseling approaches and modalities including: guided Imagery, sex coaching, integration, somatic meditation, role-play, art therapy, journaling, breath-work, dream exploration, coaching, guided imagery, and various other modalities.

After getting CPR trained, I realized how important CPR and first aid are and how these basic practices can help parents and practitioners feel more empowered in their work and daily life. I wanted to become certified to teach CPR courses to not only to develop my own knowledge and practice but share it with the communities that I am involved with in a more affordable way. I offer BLS, Heartsaver, First Aid, and Pediatric FIrst Aid courses.

I offer a guided imagery course for pregnancy and a postpartum circle. Have an idea for a community gathering or weekly group?

I would be happy to help you how I can from brainstorming ideas, connecting with other local birth and wellness folks, facilitating sessions at a parents group already established - let me know! I'd love to meet and extend our networks even more!

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