I'd be happy to come by to train your staff or students anywhere in the surrounding Portland region (including Vancouver, Oregon City, Hood River, Hillsborough, Beaverton, etc.)! Please see below for the various options I offer, or email me (emilymorioka@gmail.com) if you have other ideas or requests. For a description of the courses I offer, please visit the CPR/AED & First Aid Training page.

Courses offered: BLS - Basic Life Support   |   Heartsaver CPR/AED  |   Heartsaver FIrst AID   |   Heartsaver Pediatric First Aid

Description: I am trained with the American Heart Association to offer CPR/AED & First aid instruction. The CPR/AED & First Aid classes I offer are through the American Heart Association and follow their curriculum based on video and hands-on practice.

Length: Depending on the course you chose between 4-7 hours

Maximum # of students per class: As an American Heart Association standard practice, a maximum of six students is allowed per class. This is so the instructor can monitor the students' learning and offer adequate time for each student on the CPR approved manikins.

Certification: Students will received an American Heart Association certification card by email within three business days of the class.

CPR/AED & First Aid Courses offered by your organization

This  is ideal for organizations, schools, events, or businesses who want to include CPR/AED and/or First Aid training as an offering to their staff or students. This can be an excellent way to market your organization as a benefit to your workers or clientele, or to ensure that all students or workers are AHA certified.

Option #1:  Your organization hires me as a contractor to offer these classes and your students/workers would pay or register through your organization.

-  I charge $80/hour plus $20/student to cover the cost of book and certification card. (This additional cost could be paid to you by the students)

- I offer sliding scale options to community-oriented businesses and non-profits, and if you wish to offer monthly trainings I offer additional discounts. Please ask!

- You would decide whether your students/staff would attend for free or for a charge. If you decide to charge you would manage the payments.

Option #2: Your organization offers these classes but I manage payment and registration.

- I would charge students per class (please see price breakdown here) and they would register through my site.

- I would pay your organization $0-$40/hour as a room rental (depending on whether you prefer I offer a sliding scale to your students).

- You would help market this course to your students as an additional offering through your workplace or school or require that they take it before graduation or before a pay increase or job review.


- If you offer this training at no cost to your students/staff, this could be an excellent way to market your work site or program to attract workers/students or to offer an additional professional development.

- More and more companies require CPR/AED and First Aid classes so this would ensure that your company is ahead of the game in regard to worker/client/student safety.

- It is my goal to make this training accessible, especially to students and community organizations. If you find a company offering more affordable prices or sliding scale offers, please let me know and I will try to offer more flexibility to meet your financial needs.

- Lastly, the more people trained in CPR/AED and First Aid, the more we are trained as a community that can support and take care of each other in emergencies!


- An office or classroom that could comfortably seat 7 people with or without tables (if you don't have a physical location, I can provide a space).

- Optional: AV equipment that could play a DVD, but not required as I could bring my own.


- What does the cost include?

The cost includes set-up and take-down, CPR/AED & First Aid instruction, processing of cards and card-fees, and customer support regarding registration or card requests.

- What type of manikins do you use?

I use Prestan manikins that are latex free and have certain mechanisms to ensure that CPR is being correctly applied including chest "clicking" to make sure the depth of compression is sufficient and a lung-bag which allows the chest to rise with each correctly applied rescue breath. 

- How do you ensure sanitation?

All of the manikins are wiped down with alcohol wipes after each use. Each student uses a face-shield and mouth valve while practicing, and they are all sanitized after the class is complete. All lung-bags are disposed of at the end of each session and replaced with new bags at the beginning of each class.