Empowered Pregnancy - 6 Week Pregnant Parent Circle

Dates TBA



This is a series that captures 6 themes around pregnancy and offers community to delve into topics that many people experience during pregnancy but don’t have the space to talk with others about. Obstetricians cover physiological health but rarely make space to cover the many other facets of pregnancy. As a birth doula, postpartum doula, certified health coach, guided imagery and integrative health practitioner I want to offer a space every week to bring more consciousness/empowerment/community into your pregnancy and offer a small group to connect with - potentially into postpartum! 



Each class is 1.5 hours and we will have 30 minutes to talk about each topic, 30 minutes for a guided meditation, and 30 minutes to reflect and close. There will be snacks and tea provided. I offer handouts, local resources, articles, additional guided meditations online, and discounted CPR classes.


The series offers a sliding scale cost of $60-$120 for 6 classes ($10-$20/class). I ask that people sign up ahead of time for the whole series so that everyone can understand the flow and rhythm of the class as well as build community over time.



Some of the themes include changing bodies, relationship dynamics and communication, grounding yourself, identity and transition into parenthood, preparing for postpartum, looking at birth and breastfeeding plans, welcoming in challenges and finding strength.



Postpartum Circle

This is an 8-week group that is open to those in the postpartum period and their pre-crawling babies. I was lucky to have an amazing midwife team who offers home visits for 6-weeks postpartum, but I found it challenging to find new parent groups and community that offered facilitated discussion or grounding in the depth and profound aspect of what an experience it is to be pregnant, give birth, care for a newborn, navigate relationships, discover (or let go of) your identity, and explore your changed body.


I invite you to come to come with your babe to weekly sessions to meet others, support yourself, explore your new baby, tell your birth story, and learn about a new theme each week. The themes are anything from postpartum nutrition, to nursing/feeding, sleeping, connecting and relationships, identity, herbs and first aid, etc. We will invite some local elders and wise folks to share their experience and wisdom to support you in this new journey.

Each session is 1.5 hours and sliding scale - $120-$180 - for eight weeks.


Have an idea for a community gathering or weekly group?

I would be happy to help you how I can from brainstorming ideas, connecting with other local birth and wellness folks, facilitating sessions at a parents group already established - let me know! I'd love to meet and extend our networks even more!